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“I have found a purpose here at Emerald Coast Center. I have always been a people-person but now I’m one with a calling. I have the opportunity to live here among my friends and to be a voice for them…and I always know that I am heard.”
-Jordan, Resident Council President

“I am going home soon, but I have had a wonderful experience here. I was nervous about it at first but knew I needed some help before I could go back home. It was nothing like I had feared. Everyone has been so good to me and the therapy team has me up and about again. I am now very confident about going home and being able to manage on my own again!”
-Ellen, short term rehab patient returning home

“Having come from another facility, I thought I had become used to life in a facility that Medicare was paying for. Boy, was I ever wrong! I went from being treated like a patient to being treated like a person. At the other facility a tray of badly cooked, flavorless food was thrown onto the table at mealtimes. At Emerald Coast Center, I’m served, restaurant style, with a plate of food that has consistently been plentiful, tasty and HOT! I look forward to, not just living, but to living a GREAT LIFE in my new home at Emerald Coast Center.”
-Tim M., long term care resident

“I stayed here previously and then went to assisted living when I got well enough. I knew someday I would likely need assistance again and I loved knowing that I could come back “home” when I did.”
-Noel, resident

“My husband Don is a resident at Emerald coast Rehab Center. He is receiving excellent care in a loving, home away from home. The staff, including the RN’s CNA’s Therapist, cooks, housekeepers, laundry aides and everyone else are very knowledgeable, helpful, pleasant people who really care. Emerald Coast also has GREAT social activities for anyone who wants to attend. We have been truly blessed to have this wonderful facility in our area!
-Bonnie F., wife of resident

“I just love this place! This is my home. Everyone here is so nice and takes such good care of me. I know that I am in good hands for the rest of my life!”
-Joe, resident

“Honestly, I was very worried about my mother when she first came here from the hospital. But, she has done better than I ever thought possible. Thank you for taking such good care of her and making it possible for her to be able to return to our home.”
-Susan, daughter of short term rehab patient

“I love that everyone goes out of their way to make me feel like this truly is my home…”
-David, resident


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