“I stayed here previously and then went to assisted living when I got well enough. I knew someday I would likely need assistance again and I loved knowing that I could come back “home” when I did.”

“Having come from another facility, I thought I had become used to life in a facility that Medicare was paying for. Boy, was I ever wrong! I went from being treated like a patient to being treated like a person. At the other facility a tray of badly cooked, flavorless food was thrown onto the table at mealtimes. At Emerald Coast Center, I’m served, restaurant style, with a plate of food that has consistently been plentiful, tasty and HOT! I look forward to, not just living, but to living a GREAT LIFE in my new home at Emerald Coast Center.”

“I am going home soon, but I have had a wonderful experience here. I was nervous about it at first but knew I needed some help before I could go back home. It was nothing like I had feared. Everyone has been so good to me and the therapy team has me up and about again. I am now very confident about going home and being able to manage on my own again!”